Confined spaces

Confined Spaces is a LUDUS product focused on the training and evaluation of workers operating in confined spaces and the main hazards associated with it.

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Following the correct procedure will prevent accidents.

This training can be used to demonstrate the procedure for both the preparation and execution of a task in confined spaces. Any mistakes made can be reviewed once the exercise has finished, helping to evaluate how well the content of this training has been understood.

The student must complete the proper procedure for entering a confined space.

The experience is immersive and the scenario is realistic, so knowledge retention is enhanced.

Goals of the Confined Spaces training

Eliminate hazards

Become familiar with the main hazards regarding confined spaces and the relevant safety measures.

Become familiar with the procedure

Learn how to act correctly, following protocols to avoid accidents.

Evaluate what has been learnt

Test the knowledge acquired in a realistic scenario where students can experiment safely and without life-changing consequences.


Our simulations have been checked by HSE technicians from all over the world, in order to avoid disagreements with the legislation, normative and procedures in different countries and customer companies.


Compatible with

  • Pico 4 (wired mode)
  • Pico 4 enterprise (wired mode)
  • HP reverb G2
  • Oculust rift
  • Quest pro (wired mode)
  • Quest 2 (wired mode)
  • HTC Vive cosmos
  • HTC focus 3 pro (wired mode)
  • HTC focus plus (wired mode)
  • HTC vive xr elite (wired mode)
  • HTC vive pro
  • HTC vive
Exercises available for confined spaces
You must check the status of the space, so that it does not pose a risk.
Sewerage inspection exercise
The student puts the role of a prevention officer. He or she must monitor an operator during the inspection of a sewerage. The user must read the work authorization, select PPEs, make necessary measurements and ensure that the operator entering the confined space does so safely.
Sanitation network inspection exercise
  • This exercise has two parts

The user performs the necessary checks for the operator and takes care of him throughout the process of entering, inspecting, and leaving the confined space.

The student takes the role of a sanitation worker who needs to enter a confined space and conducts the inspection of the surroundings.

Hazards presented
  • Presence of toxic gas (hydrogen sulphide).
  • Presence of flammable gas (methane).
  • Experiencing an accident resulting in eye damage.
  • Witnessing a worker's fall.
  • Third-party toxic gas inhalation accident
  • Fall due to a broken ladder.
  • Accident due to not waiting for their vision to adjust.
Future updates
  • Inspection of a supply network as an operator.
  • Rescue in a supply network.