Plant risk assessment

Plant risk assessment training was created by Ludus Global aimed at training the detection of risks in industrial environments.

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The student will be prepared to avoid workplace dangers.

This training has a broad spectrum of situations that simulate a walk around a plant, evaluating and correcting safety errors, presenting risks to oneself and others.

Training includes evaluating
both own and others’ risks.

Plant risk assessment training objectives

Improve the observation skills before hazards and safety norms in industrial jobs.

Recognise a broad spectrum of risks related to PPE, regulations and signalling.

Evaluate the knowledge acquired concerning risks related to oneself and others.


Our simulations have been checked by HSE technicians from all over the world, in order to avoid disagreements with the legislation, normative and procedures in different countries and customer companies.


Compatible with

  • Pico 4 (wired mode)
  • Pico 4 enterprise (wired mode)
  • HP reverb G2
  • Oculust rift
  • Quest pro (wired mode)
  • Quest 2 (wired mode)
  • HTC Vive cosmos
  • HTC focus 3 pro (wired mode)
  • HTC focus plus (wired mode)
  • HTC vive xr elite (wired mode)
  • HTC vive pro
  • HTC vive
Available exercises for Plant risk assessment

The practice includes evaluating own and third-party risks in the plant

Part 1 – Donning PPE
The student must put on the appropriate PPE according to the warning signals.
Part 2 – Walk on site
Once equipped, the student follows a pedestrian walkway in the workplace. He must report any unsafe behaviour he notices around him.
Risks to oneself
  • Following pedestrian walkway.
  • Pedestrian walkway crossing.
  • Accessing restricted areas.
Risks to others
  • Working without PPE.
  • Performing tasks unsafely.
  • General safety norms.
  • Risk situations without safety signs.