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Discover the statements of some of the companies and centres that are already digitizing their occupational risk prevention training with Ludus’ Virtual Reality

The security managers of the Northern Region (Colombia, Ecuador, and Mexico) of Tecpetrol have incorporated Ludus’ virtual reality into their prevention training. This is an innovative initiative that they will be taking across Tecpetrol.

“VR enables to enjoy a learning experience in a way that’s far richer than reading a procedure or watching a video, like an airplane pilot simulator. It’s a scientifically established fact that if you really live an experience, the percentage of what you learn is much higher”.

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logo Tecpetrol Ronald Manosalvas,
HSE Sr. Manager in Ecuador

Europreven increases awareness in its training sessions and opens doors to major clients with Ludus’ Virtual Reality.

"Ludus’ simulations allow working with scenarios and risk situations that are otherwise not possible. An example of this would be exposing workers to the risk of falling from a height or being hit by a forklift."

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logo Europreven Agustín Santos,
Training Manager in Europreven
CEMEX Mexico, leaders in the construction materials industry, promote innovative solutions for a sustainable future. Therefore, they have included Ludus’ Virtual Reality to conduct their HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) training.

"Because we want to return home safely every day, we have embraced the use of VR to accelerate training for our employees in health and safety, giving experiential learning."

logo CemexGermán Alberto Romero Baquedano - CEMEX Mexico Director

Lezama Demoliciones has taken a further step in its commitment to occupational safety and environmental sustainability by incorporating Ludus’ Virtual Reality platform into its risk prevention training.

This commitment is aligned with their goal of reducing environmental impact. It allows for training such as fire extinguishing with virtual fires, thus reducing the environmental footprint.

logo Demoliciones LezamaLEZAMA

Virtual reality as a prevention tool, the new bet of Mutua MAZ and Telefónica.

"The main advantage is that we are going to make people interact with what was previously explained to them theoretically. Everything has more impact, achieving awareness and sensitivity."

logo_Mutua-mazGuillermo de Vílchez - General Manager at Mutua MAZ

The Preving Group, now merged with another major player in the prevention sector, Cualtis, has resulted in a new identity: Vitaly.

"At the Preving Group, we have always kept pace with new technologies applied to occupational health and safety, and we saw that virtual reality is a great complement to incorporate into our training programs."


logo-grupo-previngAntonio Fariña – Training Coordinator at Vitaly

The Professional Training Center of Sopuerta (Bizkaia) has incorporated Ludus' Virtual Reality platform as the main tool in the teaching and learning process.

"Virtual reality is here to stay. This technology will provide us with practical knowledge, real knowledge."


logo-testimonios-06Luciano Cearsolo - San Viator School principal