Plant risk prevention

Plant risk prevention training was created by Ludus aimed at explaining the safety measures in industrial plants.

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The student learns by doing realistic exercises about risks and how to avoid them.

The simulation consists of various exercises covering different risks in the most important zones of the workplace.

Featuring 8 comprehensive exercises for learning and practicing out of danger.

Plant risk prevention training objectives

Identify hazards
Detecting a variety of dangers in parts of the plant and learning to work safely avoiding said risks.

Raise workers’ awareness
Getting to know safety measures, PPE needed and making workers aware of their use in industrial environments.

Putting everything the student has learned to the test in a realistic and safe manner.


Our simulations have been checked by HSE technicians from all over the world, in order to avoid disagreements with the legislation, normative and procedures in different countries and customer companies.


Compatible with

  • Pico 4 (wired mode)
  • Pico 4 enterprise (wired mode)
  • HP reverb G2
  • Oculust rift
  • Quest pro (wired mode)
  • Quest 2 (wired mode)
  • HTC Vive cosmos
  • HTC focus 3 pro (wired mode)
  • HTC focus plus (wired mode)
  • HTC vive xr elite (wired mode)
  • HTC vive pro
  • HTC vive
Available exercises for Plant risk prevention
It has 8 complete exercises to learn and practice in a completely safe way.
Dangerous zone signalling
The objective is for the student to get accustomed to using the different signalling elements to mark a hazard zone in the plant.
Cleaning common dirt
The student faces a simple situation where he must clean some dirt without the use of any cleaning product, taking the safety measures needed.
Conveyer belt
Exercise to raise awareness and evaluate, where the student must manipulate elements, having to assess the use of PPE according to each situation.

Exercise to raise awareness, aiming to teach the student perspective and visibility difficulties that a forklift operator faces, so he is aware of the risks of an inadequate walking circulation.

Cleaning filth with chemical products

Exercise where the student must choose the adequate PPE to clean using chemical products, avoiding suffering severe burns.

Lockout - okfirstpart

The student must complete the lockout and check of a press, proving he knows and correctly prevents the risks he is facing.


An apparently simple exercise where the student must cross the overpass using his hands to hold the railing. In case he doesn’t, he will fall down, with the objective of making him aware of the consequences of taking risks in the workplace.

Vehicle safety

Exercise that takes place while the student interacts with different elements in the plant, adopting the necessary safety measures to avoid being hit by a vehicle.