Safety officer at heights

Safety officer at heights training was created by Ludus Global, aimed at training safety measures and risk prevention when working at heights.

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Learn to safeguard the compliance with preventive activities.

The simulation provides several exercises when working at heights that take place on a rooftop.

Wide range of PPE and safety elements to practice with.

Safety officer at heights training objectives

Evaluate the student abilities
Performing tasks in dangerous scenarios, and choosing and checking the adequate personal protective equipment.

Raise workers' awareness
Simulate accidents in first person if the chosen equipment is not appropriate.

Practice everything learned
Test the knowledge acquired by the user in a completely safe environment.


Our simulations have been checked by HSE technicians from all over the world, in order to avoid disagreements with the legislation, normative and procedures in different countries and customer companies.


Compatible with

  • Pico 4 (wired mode)
  • Pico 4 enterprise (wired mode)
  • HP reverb G2
  • Oculust rift
  • Quest pro (wired mode)
  • Quest 2 (wired mode)
  • HTC Vive cosmos
  • HTC focus 3 pro (wired mode)
  • HTC focus plus (wired mode)
  • HTC vive xr elite (wired mode)
  • HTC vive pro
  • HTC vive
Available exercises for safety officer at heights

Learn to monitor the correct compliance with preventive activities.

Analyse/ Reassess the installation
The student must check the state of his own PPE as well as the workers’. Afterwards, he must inspect the surroundings.
Working in areas with safety vests
The student must check the state as well as adequacy of the PPE, both of the workers and own, and then move and perform a routine assessment.
Working under limited visibility
After checking his own and the worker’s PPE, the student must move with a worker in an area with limited visibility to perform a routine assessment, being careful not to fall.
Safety elements
  • Anchor points
  • Vertical lifeline Gamesystem
Included PPE
  • Safety helmet with chinstrap
  • Safety boots
  • Reflective vest
  • Protection gloves
  • Safety harness
  • Safety carabiner
  • Gamesystem Fall protection connector
  • Double lanyard