Do you create Virtual Reality content for occupational safety training? Upload it to the Ludus platform!

Ludus is the only VR training platform in the occupational safety industry that allows you to upload your content and have it reach companies.

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Why upload your VR content to the Ludus Platform?

Ludus has clients in more than 16 countries and 4 different continents.

Our customers use our platform to train their employees or to train other companies.

With clients such as Coca-Cola, Bimbo and Landuz, your content will reach an excellent audience.

Our platform collects information from all the simulations our users engage with, meaning you will have access to the usage metrics of your content.

This way, you will be able to know what aspects to strengthen and have all the information you need to create better-quality content.

When our customers purchase a Ludus licence, they not only get access to the platform. We also give them optimal hardware to run the simulations.

That's why they will be able to enjoy your content to its full potential.

We have a team of certified trainers who ensure that we comply with the different occupational health and safety regulations.

We will apply the same approach to the content you want to upload to the platform. And we will guide you in case it needs to be adapted.

Would you like to be part of our platform?
Essential requirements

- HP Reverb G2 compatibility.

- The applicant must be able to modify the source code to include calls to the Ludus api.

- The simulation must be able to be run without internet access.

What simulations do we accept?

- Simulations with teaching material provided. Created for the purpose of training the end user.

- Simulations based on Health & Safety environment.

- Simulations based on the health field.

Features we would like to see in your content

- Internationalised into English, French, German.

- Compatibility with:
- Pico Neo 3 pro (Wired
- Oculus Quest 2 (Wired
- HTC Vive Index
- HTC Vive Cosmos

Want to upload your VR content to Ludus?

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