1 min reading | March 01 · 2023

Meet Alexis Alonso, Lead Artist at Ludus

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We want you to get to know a bit more about the people behind our Occupational Risk Prevention Training platform with Virtual Reality. One of the faces responsible for the realism and immersion of Ludus simulations is Alexis Alonso, the leader of the Art department.



Some facts about Alexis Alonso, Lead Artist at Ludus.

  • He has been working at Ludus for almost 9 years, since the company ventured into Virtual Reality.
  • One of the main things that motivated him to join Ludus was the enthusiasm and the multidisciplinary team he encountered at the company.
  • As pioneers in the VR sector for preventive training, they had to create their own work methodologies.
  • His department (Art) works closely with others like Programming, Design, or Q&A.
  • Alexis defines working at Ludus as 'a continuous learning experience.' Although he initially joined the company with the goal of creating scenery, he soon branched out into other paths. Since then, he has been involved in character creation, animations, interfaces, and more."

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