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Ludus accumulated over 32,000 exercises and 6,400 hours of usage in 2023

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Ludus' virtual reality training platform for safety and health continues to grow year by year, as reflected in the usage statistics collected. In 2023, Ludus' customers accumulated a total of 6,402 hours of usage on the platform, during which they completed 32,498 exercises.

Annual Usage Report of Ludus Platform

Year-over-Year Growth in Hours of Usage and Exercises Completed

In the section regarding hours of usage, the 6,402 accumulated hours in 2023 represent a 73% growth compared to the 3,696 from the previous year.

The number of exercises completed using the Ludus platform has also been experiencing steady growth. The 32,498 exercises in 2023 signify a 57% increase compared to 2022, when there were 20,754 exercises.

Looking further back, we can see that the experienced growth is even greater. The total exercises completed in 2021 were close to 9,000. This means that between 2021 and 2023, the number of exercises completed using the platform grew by 261%.

Total exercises per client

Total exercises per client

Average monthly usage of Ludus platform in 2023

The total of 6,402 hours of usage in the year 2023 translates to an average of over 533 hours per month. On the other hand, the average monthly number of exercises completed using the platform reaches 2,708.

Usage by the main types of customers

Companies training their own employees

These Ludus clients accumulated nearly 8,500 exercises completed with the platform in 2023. This represented a growth of 178% compared to 2022. Additionally, the total of 8,485 exercises from these types of companies accounts for more than a quarter of the platform's total in 2023.

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External prevention services

External prevention services utilize Ludus VR to deliver safety and health training to their clients. These clients accumulated 23,243 exercises completed in 2023, marking a 64% growth compared to the previous year.

Virtual reality offers benefits such as enhancing awareness and opening doors to major clients for external prevention services. This is exemplified by Europreven, a Ludus client that, within a year and a half, was able to train over 7,000 workers in person and over 2,000 remotely using the tool.


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The three most used Ludus simulations in 2023

TOP 3 Simulations more used in 2023


Use of extinguishers

The simulation for fire extinguisher usage was the top simulation in terms of usage hours in 2023, with 1,244 hours. In terms of the number of exercises completed, it ranked second with a total of 5,008.

Statistics collected by the Ludus platform also allow for conclusions to be drawn regarding the training provided. For example, in half of the fire extinguisher usage training sessions conducted with the tool in 2023, students made mistakes when tackling the fire.


Hand risk prevention

The hand accidents simulation was the second highest in terms of recorded usage hours in 2023 (843 hours). It accumulated a total of 4,537 exercises completed, ranking as the third highest.

In this case, the statistics demonstrate the potential of the simulation to raise awareness about the consequences of reckless behavior. In 50% of the hand accident training sessions delivered using the platform in 2023, students made errors that resulted in virtual amputations.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

The CPR simulation was the third simulation in terms of usage hours in 2023, with a total of 731 hours. However, it stood out as the first in the number of exercises completed, with 5,922.

Furthermore, the platform statistics help detect a very common error, which in a real emergency situation could be fatal. In 58% of the CPR courses delivered using the Ludus platform, students forgot to call Emergency services.


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More than €400,000 in savings in 2023 with VR fire extinguisher simulation
More than €400,000 in savings in 2023 with VR fire extinguisher simulation
In addition to enhancing and digitizing risk prevention training, Ludus' virtual reality platform brings benefits such as savings. In 2023,