1 min reading | April 19 · 2024

Ludus expands the internationalization of its offer with 10 new languages

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Ludus continues to work on improving the user experience for its customers and making its platform accessible worldwide. On April 16th, the company released its largest update to date in the realm of internationalization: Expansion of service to 10 new languages!

This update is now available to all clients and users, both on the platform and on the Ludus Portal.

What languages does Ludus include in its offer?

After the update launch, these are all the languages ​​with which you can access Ludus' service:

  • Spanish. 
  • Neutral Latin American spanish. 
  • English. 
  • French. 
  • Italian. 
  • German. 
  • Portuguese. 
  • Brazilian portuguese.  
  • Polish. 
  • Dutch. 
  • Turkish. 
  • Malay. 
  • Catalan. 
  • Basque (9 simulations). 

Who benefits from this update?

On one hand, companies or prevention services operating in countries where these languages are spoken will be able to easily implement Ludus' platform in their training programs.

Additionally, companies with offices in different countries will be able to offer standardized VR training to all their employees, in the language of each location.

External prevention services will also be able to provide in-person or remote training in other countries, in languages where it was not possible before with the platform.

What do I need to do to access the new languages?

In the Ludus Portal, the update is automatic and already done, so you can use the new languages ​​when accessing with your username and password.

On the other hand, Ludus has updated the platform so that all simulations can be used with the new languages. However, to be able to do so, it is necessary to update each simulation to its latest version. If you don't update them, you will still be able to access them in Spanish and English.


This new update marks a significant milestone in Ludus' efforts to internationalize its product and bring virtual reality technology to the world.

Would you like to learn more about the benefits of Ludus' virtual reality platform for different types of companies? Discover them at the following link.

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