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More than €400,000 in savings in 2023 with VR fire extinguisher simulation

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In addition to enhancing and digitizing risk prevention training, Ludus' virtual reality platform brings benefits such as savings. In 2023, the fire extinguisher simulation allowed for savings of over €400,000 in extinguisher refills.

The simulation of extinguisher use presents realistic risk situations, where the learner must correctly use the extinguisher to put out a fire. Variety of scenarios, different types of extinguishers and fires, the possibility of making mistakes... These are some of the strengths of this simulation.


Savings of over €400,000 in 2023 with virtual reality fire extinguisher simulation 

The Ludus platform compiles statistics that provide a more comprehensive view of the benefits of virtual reality. In the case of extinguisher use, 16,201 exercises with the simulation were conducted in 2023.

This allows conclusions to be drawn, such as the savings in refills. Refilling an extinguisher costs between 25 and 30 euros, approximately. Additionally, by legal requirement, the refill must be done whenever the device is used, even if it is not completely emptied.

Taking the lowest refill price as a reference (25 euros), the estimated savings for 2023 would be €405,025. This is the most conservative estimate, as we would be assuming that in the 16,201 exercises, only one virtual extinguisher was used.

Monthly savings for using the VR extinguisher use simulation

In monthly terms, the approximate savings for Ludus customers in 2023 were around €33,752 per month.

If we take the refill price of 30 euros, the annual savings would amount to over €486,030, leaving a monthly savings of over €40,000.

Training by emptying virtual extinguishers means that it is not necessary to refill as many devices in real life. In cases where practical training with real extinguishers is mandatory, VR allows for effective completion of those practices.

Other advantages of the virtual reality extinguisher use simulation 

The virtual reality extinguisher use simulation offers formative advantages beyond savings in refills. One of them is the possibility of working on the learner's decision-making, including different types of extinguishers in the exercise.

Knowing how to choose the right extinguisher for each type of fire is crucial, as an error can lead to serious accidents. If you want to learn more about the different types of extinguishers and when to use them, you can find information in the following link.



Another benefit, related to the previous one, is choosing between different classes of fire to configure the exercise. This adds variety and possibilities for the trainer, while allowing training in various risk situations.

Moreover, having to make decisions adds the possibility of making mistakes during training. Learner's mistakes can lead to virtual accidents, such as burns, electrocutions... These variables reinforce awareness to avoid repeating mistakes in real life.

There are other advantages of virtual reality in fire extinguishing, such as its applicability for training firefighters. If you want to know more benefits of implementing virtual reality in your fire extinguisher use training, discover them in the following link.



Ludus accumulated over 32,000 exercises and 6,400 hours of usage in 2023
Ludus accumulated over 32,000 exercises and 6,400 hours of usage in 2023
Ludus' virtual reality training platform for safety and health continues to grow year by year, as reflected in the usage statistics