1 min reading | September 26 · 2023

New CPR update : 6.4

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At Ludus, we never stop working to improve the simulations on our virtual reality-based safety and health training platform. In our efforts to optimize our products and make them more user-friendly, we have updated the CPR simulation to version 6.4.

Among the new features in this update, which you can now install on the platform, the standout is the new bust positioning system. We have worked on these enhancements to enhance the user experience for both trainers and students, addressing minor inconveniences that may have arisen.

Key Improvements and Features of the CPR Simulation 6.4 Update 6.4

  • Reduced virtual hand appearance time at the start of the exercise.
  • New bust positioning system based on hand position. From the trainer's screen, you can access both the new and old systems. We recommend using this new system at all times, as it enhances the experience and resolves previous issues. It's not recommended to use the old system with battery-powered glasses, such as Pico 4 or Quest 2. Both options are explained on the trainer's screen when selected.
  • Additionally, this new option automatically detects whether the bust pressure sensor needs calibration and notifies the need for pressure calibration.

Who Does the New CPR 6.4 Update Affect?

In addition to improving the user experience for students, this update is specifically aimed at easing the work of trainers. The achieved goal is to make training sessions easier to set up by simplifying the calibration and positioning of the bust.

We continue our ongoing efforts to optimize our simulations and provide the best possible user experience to our customers. Install this new update to enjoy the enhancements in your virtual reality CPR training.

Thank you for trusting us!

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