1 min reading | October 05 · 2023

New Fire safety Update

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In our effort for constant improvement and optimization of our products, at Ludus, we are always working to update our simulations. This time, we are proud to announce the new Fire safety update, which you can now download and install on the platform.

These modifications and updates have helped address potential issues. They have also impacted the guided mode of the simulation, enhancing realism in various aspects.

Key Improvements and Innovations in the Fire Extinguisher Usage Update

  • Enhancement of Interaction and Animation of the Safety Pin: If attempting to pull out the safety pin while holding the fire extinguisher, the animation will show a struggle to indicate that it is more challenging to do so this way. However, if you place the fire extinguisher on the ground and pull the pin, it will come out smoothly. 
  • Reduction of the possibility of error when putting out the fire using a Zig Zag technique.
  • Implementation of an improvement in the error of moving away while maintaining visual contact with the fire to make it more realistic.
  • Changes to the guided mode, primarily modifying the prompts to be more concise and direct.
  • Correct identification of the appropriate fire extinguishers in the guided mode.
  • Modification of the workflow in the infirmary: Now, in the event of an accident and appearing in the infirmary, you can transition directly to the results screen from the goggles. 

Who does the new Fire Extinguisher Usage update affect

This update is aimed at both the trainer and the trainee. On one hand, the user experience has been enhanced, and potential errors have been addressed. Furthermore, the simulation's realism has been amplified.

We continue to work on improving our simulations and providing the best possible user experience to our customers. Install this new update to implement these changes in your Fire Extinguisher Usage training with

virtual reality. Thank you for your trust.  


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Ludus, compatible with the new Ultraleap Leap Motion Controller 2
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