Big companies are looking to modernize their HSE training and need providers that are following the newest trends

More and more companies are turning to virtual reality as a way to enhance their HSE training programs without putting people or goods in danger. 

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HSE training companies that are using Ludus to enhance their educational programs
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Where does Ludus fit in your HSE training program?
No one would ever think of giving a plane to a pilot without him passing several flight simulator tests.

Everything starts with a solid theoretical formation. Ludus is not meant to replace traditional training, but it can enhance it. 

Then, trainees go into the simulations to make sure they understood the theory. 
The tool evaluates the performance of the trainee during every step of the exercise and gives you an accurate assessment.
Once they have practiced in the simulations, real-life training is much safers, faster and cheaper. 
Ludus' guided system lets people train on their own. A great tool to ensure mastery in safety protocols, learn new procedures and collect valuable data. 
Ludus' Benefits
More than a 100 companies are using Ludus, and this is why

Become part of the revolution of the HSE training and stand out in the industry

Important features:

Add new courses:

Ludus lets you simulate high risk scenarios that would be too dangerous or expensive in real life. 

For example, Fall Protection, Confined spaces, Fire Safety, etc. 

Modernize your training offer:

People connect 2 to 3 more times with virtual content, which is one of the reasons why they learn faster. 

That also makes training entertaining and helps promote a safety culture throughout the organization. 

Boost your brand:

Ludus will make your offer more affordable and attractive to your customers and help you enter new markets.

Use technology to enhance your clients' HSE training programs and help build a new standard

Important features:

Increase efficiency:

HSE training with Ludus virtual reality platform is cheaper and safer than in real life. A key factor to help training providers increase their margin. 

The platform also lets you train people anywhere (offline feature) and even remotely. 

Accurate evaluation:

Ludus evaluates trainees based on standard HSE norms. 

That way trainers make sure their students are ready to identify, prevent and react to safety risk situations. 

Give your clients valuable information:

The platform collects user data from both trainees and trainers. 

So you can track the progress of your clients' training in real life and help them identify potential safety risks proactively. 

Start using Ludus in just 15 days

Important features:

A catalog that is always growing:

Ludus' suscription gives you full access to all the simulations that we have and the ones we are going to develop. No limitations of any kind. 

That way you can use virtual reality to expand your own catalog and train as many people as you want. 

All the necessary gear:

The suscription also includes all the hardware you are going to need in renting mode: 

Laptops, VR Goggles, sensorized bust and fire extinguisher. 

We'll help you begin:

Our support team will help you adopt Virtual Reality as part of your HSE training program. 

From tutorials and guides for trainers to sales and marketing tools. 

What type of HSE training can you run with virtual reality?
Guided training:

Using the platform, an HSE technician can train groups of people at the same time in person.

Remote training:

Ludus allows making powerful remote training sessions. It enhances the kind of content an HSE trainer can use in a webinar format.

¿What do our clients think of Ludus?
"Ludus helps us improve the quality and effectiveness of our programs. We make workers go from being an spectator to the protagonist of the training session".
Iker Aranburu
Landuz Manager
"Using virtual reality, we can simulate high risk situations in a classroom, a safe space where students can interact freely and without being in any kind of danger". 
Agustín Santos
Lead trainer for the Basque Country delegation – Europreven
"Preving has always followed the technologies that can shape society closely, that is why we decided to work with Ludus". 
Antonio Luis Fariña
Training coordinator - Grupo Preving
"With the help of VR, you can establish a safety culture in the organization and make workers care about HSE training because it is realistic and immersive".
Susana Simón
Sales manager for the training division - G&M Prevención
"Trying HSE training with virtual reality has been a great experience. It has beat all the expectations I had". 
Diana Pérez Cánoves
Quality and environment director - Intercon
"Our objective is to change the methodology and technology we apply to teaching and learning. That is why we are betting on Ludus in the HSE industry". 
Luciano Cearsolo
Director - Centro San Viator de Sopuerta
"IMQ is moving forward towards digitization by incorporing virtual reality to CPR training. We are working with Ludus Global and Bizkaia Open Future from Telefonica to execute this initiative. It is already running on our IMQ Zorrotzaurre center". 
IMQ Manager