Pico 4 Enterprise, the new VR headset for business

Everything about Pico 4 Enterprise

In October 2020, Meta launched its range of virtual reality glasses, Oculus Quest 2 (now known as Meta Quest 2). In 2022, PicoXR released Pico 4, some VR glasses that entered the market as competitors. Pico 4 vs Meta Quest 2, do you know the differences between both models? We will analyze some of them in this article.

Features, price, specifications... If you want to know everything about Pico 4, PicoXR's new headset, we show it to you in the following link.



Differences between Pico 4 and Meta Quest 2

Next, we will analyze some of the differences between Pico 4 VR glasses and the Meta Quest 2.

Design and weight

Regarding design, both VR glasses differ in the front panel. Although both have a white finish, Pico 4 has a glossy black panel.

  • Pico 4 includes a built-in rigid strap, and the weight of the headset is 295 grams. Including the strap, the total weight is 586 grams. Additionally, the battery is located at the back of the strap, distributing the weight evenly. This provides a feeling of comfort and balance, as not all the weight is placed on the face area. 
  • Meta Quest 2 comes with a soft fabric strap, and the 'Elite' rigid strap is sold separately as an additional accessory. The weight of the headset, without the strap, is 506 grams, and it is located at the front of the glasses. 

Interpupillary Distance (IPD) adjustment

  • Pico 4 has a motorized Interpupillary Distance (IPD) adjustment, within a range of 62-72mm. 
  • Meta Quest 2 has manual IPD adjustment, with three preset positions. 


  • Pico 4 includes head, face, and eye tracking. Head and face tracking allow for the creation of realistic avatars and the integration of movements in virtual reality. Eye tracking deciphers the user's eye movements and translates them into information that can be used in VR applications. 
  • The tracking of Meta Quest 2 uses 6 degrees of freedom (6DoF) technology. This provides tracking of head and body movements to integrate them into VR. 

Processor and storage

  • Pico 4 uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor, has internal storage of 128/256GB, and 8GB of RAM
  • Meta Quest 2 has the same processor and internal storage but comes with 6GB of RAM


  • Pico 4's LCD screens have a resolution of 2160 x 4320 (2160 per eye) with a refresh rate between 72Hz and 90Hz. 
  • Meta Quest 2's LCD screen resolution is 1832 x 1920 per eye, with a refresh rate of up to 90Hz. 

Pancake Lenses vs Fresnel Lenses

The lenses are another element in which these VR glasses differ. While the Meta Quest 2 features Fresnel lenses, which are slightly heavier and bulkier, Pico 4 comes with Pancake lenses. Pancake lenses are one of the reasons why the Pico 4 is lighter and has a more compact size compared to its competitors. You can find out everything about this type of lenses in the following link.

These were some of the differences between both VR glasses models. These brands also have their business ranges, Quest Pro and Pico 4 Enterprise, with specific functionalities and features.

Are you interested in knowing the characteristics of Pico 4 Enterprise, the VR glasses from Pico 4 for business and corporate sector? Discover its strengths, price, specifications, and much more at this link.

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