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Training in occupational health and safety (HSE) aims to raise awareness among employees to create safe environments and save lives. When an accident occurs, failure to provide health and safety training results in sanctions for companies. Having an HSE awareness test allows demonstrating that the company has done everything possible to protect its employees.

Una prueba de concienciación en PRL puede ayudar a evitar sanciones a las empresas.
Una prueba de concienciación en PRL puede ayudar a evitar sanciones a las empresas.

Without HSE training, the responsibility for the accident lies with the company

Training employees in occupational health and safety is a legal obligation. Training sessions must be conducted during working hours, and the cost is always borne by the company. Without proper training, in the event of an accident, the responsibility will always fall on the company.

This means that even if the worker does not take appropriate measures (such as wearing the necessary personal protective equipment), negligence on their part will be ruled out. Without having received proper training, the company will be considered responsible for the accident and will have to face costs related to litigation or compensation.

Insurance companies also suffer the consequences of these sanctions against companies. In cases where the company has insurance, the insurer may be held civilly liable. In such cases, the insurer will be responsible for paying the compensations to which the employer has been sentenced.

The HSE awareness test is crucial to avoiding sanctions against companies

It serves as a way to demonstrate that the company has provided training based on regulations and that employees have assimilated the content.

The training should be based on official occupational health and safety standards. With an OHS awareness test, the company demonstrates that the employee has received the necessary information to identify and prevent potential risks.

This test has a dual value. On one hand, the company ensures it has done everything possible to protect the health of workers and create a safe environment. On the other hand, it is exempt from responsibility in cases of accidents due to gross negligence.

How to Obtain the HSE Awareness Test 

Companies have various ways to prove that they have provided training in health and safety based on official standards. However, it is not always easy to demonstrate that employees have correctly assimilated the contents of OHS training.

An appropriate way to obtain an OHS awareness test is to implement an evaluation system. This way, employees can demonstrate that they know and master the prevention measures they have been trained on. In some cases, achieving this through traditional methods can be challenging.

New technologies such as virtual reality (VR) offer a path to obtaining this proof of awareness. VR simulations allow trainers to collect valuable data in their training sessions, such as usage hours and performance per student.

Virtual reality adds an assessment component to some simulations. Thanks to it, trainers can measure employees' performance in their training sessions.

In an CPR training, a VR simulation evaluates data such as reaction time or the rhythm and depth of compressions. This capability ensures that employees have mastered the procedure based on objective parameters.

According to a PWC study, those who learn with VR are 3.75 times more emotionally connected to the content. This means that the achieved awareness is higher, something that companies can demonstrate with data.

Ludus' virtual reality simulations streamline, digitize, and standardize health and safety training.

Want to learn more about Ludus' technology or how to implemente the VR in your HSE Trainings? You can contact us in the following link.



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