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Pico 4, launched in 2022, has landed strongly in the VR headset market. PicoXR promises "balanced design and comfort", as well as a "vivid and immersive VR experience". Price, news, specifications... here we'll tell you everything about the Pico 4.

Pico 4, VR glasses that "make a difference"

The creators of this new VR headset emphasize that the Pico 4 are "small, but make a big difference". To begin with, a comfortable and pleasant fit has been sought thanks to a padded support on the back of the glasses.

As we mentioned, the bet on design and ergonomics has been decisive. The weight of the Pico 4 is distributed more evenly between the front and back than in other VR glasses. "The center of gravity falls on the facial area", Pico's description points out.

In terms of performance, the Pico 4 features a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor and 8GB of LPDDR4 RAM. This contrasts with the LPDDR5 RAM of the Pico 4 Enterprise range, its version for businesses.

There are other features in which both models differ, such as the interpupillary distance adjustment. In the Pico 4, the interpupillary distance has a motorized adjustment from the settings menu. The Pico 4 Enterprise, on the other hand, offers automatic adjustment.

The Pico 4 runs on the PICO OS 5.0 operating system, with numerous apps available to ensure a comfortable user experience.


Pico 4 features

Dimensions and weight

The Pico 4 visor measures 163mm wide by 80mm high. The length can be adjusted in a range of between 255mm and 310mm, thanks to the strap. On the other hand, the total width of the glasses with the strap is 195mm, and the height reaches 106mm including the support for the face.

As for the weight of the Pico 4, without the strap, these VR glasses weigh 295g. Counting all accessories, the total weight is 586g. According to PicoXR, in the Pico 4 model, the weight of the front part has been reduced by 26.2%. The thickness has also been reduced, by 38.8%.

Dimensions Pico 4

Pancake lenses

Pancake lenses are widely used in the world of photography. These types of lenses are lighter, which helps reduce the weight of the Pico 4. They have also contributed to reducing volume and increasing image quality. Pancake lenses help avoid the ‘glare effect’, characterized by excessive brightness that could cause glare.

According to PicoXR, the inclusion of Pancake lenses in the Pico 4 provides "a wider field of view and sharper images." The field of view of the Pico 4 is 105°.

Pancake lenses Pico 4

Monitoring displays

The Pico 4 features 2 Fast-LCD displays, with a resolution of over 2K per eye. This type of display allows for a "vivid and immersive VR experience."

Improved positioning accuracy

The SLAM omnidirectional system, based on infrared positioning, offers improved tracking and positioning on the headset and controllers. This makes movements in VR smoother when using the Pico 4.

Haptic controllers

The Pico 4's haptic motion controllers are characterized by offering active perception thanks to touch. They use vibrations or movements to convey more realistic tactile feedback during the virtual reality experience.

Haptic controllers Pico 4


The Pico 4 incorporates 360° stereo speakers, with 3D spatial sound. Sound positioning is also calculated based on head movement, to achieve precise and realistic audio effects.

Pico 4: Price and Where to Buy this VR headset

The Pico 4 are available for purchase at a price of 429 euros. The PicoXR website redirects you to platforms where you can purchase them, such as Amazon or XRshop.

Pico 4, Specifications and Technical Sheet


Dimensions and weight 

  • Dimensions: 195mm (width), 106mm (height), 255-310mm (length).
  • Weight: 295gr (without strap), 586gr (total).


Platform: Qualcomm XR2, 8 64-bit cores, 2.84GHZ, 7nm processing technology.

Operating system



  • RAM: 8GB LPDDR4.
  • ROM: 128GB o 256GB.


2.56” X 2 LCD screens.


4320 X 2160 (2160 X 2160 per eye).



Refresh rate



  • Pancake lenses. 
  • Field of view: 105°. 
  • Interpupillary distance: motorized adjustment from 62-72mm.


6DoF broadband haptic motion controls.

Battery and charging

Battery capacity: 5300mAh, 2.0-2.5h, supports playing while charging. 


  • Headphone jack: supports USB-C to 3.5mm adapter. 
  • Speaker: 360° surround stereo speakers, supporting 3D spatial sound.

  • Microphone: Dual microphone with noise reduction up to 30dB and echo cancellation up to 50dB.

Pico 4 Enterprise: New VR headset for Businesses

As mentioned earlier, PicoXR has also launched the Pico 4 Enterprise range, its model for business activities. These glasses have some differences and advantages compared to the Pico 4, although the similarities are many.

Numerous companies in the virtual reality field have already adapted their products to this new Pico technology. An example of this is Ludus, the virtual reality safety and health training platform.

After more than 1,500 internal exercises, Ludus has confirmed that its simulations are fully compatible with the Pico 4 Enterprise. Ludus simulations allow for dynamic and experiential safety and health training. The occupational risk prevention trainer places workers in realistic situations from their day-to-day work. Employees experience risky situations first-hand and learn protocols without putting themselves in danger.

Firefighting, construction safety, postural ergonomics, confined spaces, CPR, working at heights... The catalogue of contents to be taught grows more and more every day.

Do you want to know more about Ludus simulations or are you interested in using them in your safety and health training? Talk to us at this link.

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