1 min reading | March 07 · 2023

Ludus, compatible with Pico 4 Enterprise VR glasses

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After working on compatibility and conducting over 1,500 exercises internally, Ludus can announce that its occupational risk prevention training platform is compatible with Pico 4 Enterprise glasses.

Pico 4 Enterprise, the new VR glasses for businesses.

In 2022, PicoXR launched its new range of VR glasses to the market, the Pico 4. These came with several innovations, including their ergonomics, lightweight design, and functionality, thanks to components like the Pancake Lenses.

Towards the end of the same year, Pico introduced its range for businesses, the Pico 4 Enterprise. These had some differences, such as improved performance with increased RAM. They also included new features like automatic interpupillary adjustment.



Furthermore, the Pico 4 Enterprise came with specific functionalities and applications tailored for business activities, all aimed at enhancing business experiences through virtual reality.

Discover the features, price, and technical specifications of the Pico 4 Enterprise at the following link.

Ludus, compatible with Pico 4 Enterprise

After intense work, Ludus is pleased to confirm that our occupational risk prevention training platform is compatible with Pico 4 Enterprise.

Ludus' platform includes virtual reality simulations for providing occupational risk prevention training. It's a tool available to trainers, aimed at digitizing and enhancing their training programs.

Through the purchase of a license, our clients gain unlimited access to a continuously growing catalog. Currently, Ludus' platform boasts 20 simulations and over 500 exercises.

Now, these simulations can be used to deliver training with Pico 4 Enterprise. It's all part of Ludus' effort to bring technologies like Virtual Reality closer to creating safe work environments.

Would you like to learn more about Ludus, or are you interested in implementing virtual reality into your occupational risk prevention training? Contact us at the following link.


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