1 min reading | July 05 · 2023

PYME Bizkaia Awards: Ludus wins the Digitalization and Innovation Accésit

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This summer, Ludus' work has been recognized at the 7th edition of the 2023 PYME Awards in the province of Bizkaia. Ludus has won one of the four Accésits in the Digitalization and Innovation category.

The awards, organized by the Chamber of Commerce, Banco Santander, and El Correo, acknowledge the performance of companies whose activities are "essential for job creation and wealth generation."

Among the merits considered for the PYME Awards were job creation in 2022, internationalization, and innovation, among others.

Premios PYME Bizkaia Ludus

Digitalization and innovation for occupational risk prevention.

The recognition obtained is an endorsement of Ludus' effort to develop cutting-edge technology for creating safe work environments.

Ludus' virtual reality (VR) platform enables the delivery of dynamic and realistic occupational risk prevention training. One of the achieved goals is to enhance training by simulating scenarios or situations that are challenging to replicate in real life.

Ludus' simulations are a tool available to safety and health trainers. They use them to energize and enhance their training programs, providing a realistic and experiential component."



"Ludus' VR platform introduces cutting-edge technology into a traditional field like prevention. That's why the company has been recognized in the Digitalization and Innovation category.

Ludus has clients in over 16 countries, spanning 4 continents, which is a testament to the company's efforts in internationalization.

Clients have unlimited access to all simulations in a constantly growing catalog through licensing. The platform boasts 20 simulations and over 500 exercises, with continuous updates and additions of new content.

Interested in learning more about Ludus' platform, which received recognition in the PYME Bizkaia Awards for Digitalization and Innovation? You can find more information about our product at the following link.



Ludus obtains the double certification in ISO 9001 and ISO 45001.
Ludus obtains the double certification in ISO 9001 and ISO 45001
In the field of occupational risk prevention and emergencies training, excellence and trust are fundamental. That's why we are pleased to
Ludus se expande al territorio de Middle East.
Ludus expands to Middle East
In 2023, Ludus has taken a further step in its internationalization by expanding to the Middle East region. This expansion aims to support